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Yeah I have certainly been busy. That is not how I lost the weight, but it certainly played a factor. It started by eating nutritionally rich foods and following a strict caloric intake, even during the holidays! That was a chore. But the end result is a few days after my 44th birthday and I have lost a lot of weight. What did it teach me? That no matter how hard it is to accomplish a goal, where there's a will, there is a way. I haven't worn this size waist since high school. From a 38 to a 33 waist! I have been looking for a way to accomplish this weight goal for 20 years!!! Never give up.

Also, I have been DJ/emceeing a lot of fundraisers, parties, and weddings since my last blog post. But what has really captured my entrepreneurial side is Emcee Johnny G's Original BANDINGO!!!. I started this in September 2017. Almost Instantly, people have been telling me how much fun they have playing my BAND BINGO! Naturally I wanted to bring this to as many people as possible since people of all ages are having fun playing my free game to win awesome prizes!

At the time of this writing, Emcee Johnny G's Original BANDINGO!!! is located:

EVERY MONDAY night, 7pm at Peggy O's in Palm Harbor,

SUNDAY, May 6th, 7pm at Iberian Rooster in Downtown St Pete,

THURSDAY May 24th, 7pm at Flying Boat Brewery, St. Pete,

FIRST FRIDAY June 1st, Ithai Sushi & Sports Bar, Clearwater, FL

Always free to play, lots to give away! I now have officially Licensed BANDINGO BOB PopSockets for sale at 9.00 each and soon- sooooo soft and comfy tee shirts for 25.00 each!

The owner of Peggy's is advertising my Big Brains Trivia and BANDINGO nights on a billboard on US19! The other three establishments will see that BANDINGO is gearing up to be awarded BEST OF THE BAY 2018 for best new live bar/restaurant game! The state of Florida has certified and registered BANDINGO!!! as the official BAND BINGO hosted by Emcee Johnny G at a variety of establishments.

I know how to entertain crowds, I know what music moves people, and I have always been creatively interacting with everyone since I was a kid. The one and only Original BANDINGO!!! will be often imitated, but hardly duplicated! We are the original Musical Bingo of Tampa Bay. There is only one Emcee Johnny G, and that means there is ONLY one Original BANDINGO!!! I believe Emcee Johnny G's Original BANDINGO!!! will be in more establishments on a weekly basis in the near future.

Big BANDINGO ideas are coming soon!!!!

are a comin'... stay tuned!

dabbin' cabin

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