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Last Thirty Minutes of a Tuesday

I should've started a blog back in the day when wordpress came our way. Heck, I should do more Vlogging. I should do my first one first. Why didn't I start making videos when YouTube first started? If only YouTube was around when I was on the air out west, dang that actually would not have been a good idea. But back then, I often said we all should have been a reality TV show at KILO FM in Colorado Springs. We were all crazy. And I think I was way more creative 10 years ago. (Bullshit, I am way more creative these days, just on a whole different level) 12 Years ago, in 2005, was the last year when I was a full time radio Jock. I had gotten run out. I was a maverick and enjoyed being the bad boy. I really liked not answering to authority. Keep in mind, I am an Eagle Scout so I wasn't unlawful or a jerk, I was mainly living it up. I was having the time of my life in Colorado from 1997 until 2007 when I moved back home. I wasn't a cocky deejay either. I have always remained grateful and humble for my life experiences, and I have always lived it up. You got this one wave bruh, ride it as long and hard as you can. No fear.

I think my wild days got me ready to undertake what I currently do for life: Full Time dad of 2 sons and husband to a great lady. Boy Scouts, Keyboard lessons, Cooking lessons, Baseball, acting rehearsals, voice lessons, and that's just my two boys. I won't even begin to talk about how busy my wife is. She is supermom! I work from home, yet I am mobile. Two fundraisers this past weekend, a wedding this weekend, and Trivia night tomorrow night at Peggy O's in Palm Harbor. Soon, A game called BANDINGO!!! is coming and it is Bingo with Bands! Busy, busy, busy. Wouldn't have it the other way, as that would be too boring. FInd your busy, and make sure it is fun.

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