This is about you.  My goal is to help you create and be part of something spectacular.  You are considering me for a very important event in your life and by listening to your wants and needs, I will make certain that what you expect from me comes to fruition.  I am the Interactive DJ , so I am not afraid to engage with you and your guests with fun games and activities, if desired. (Studies show Interactive  activities stimulate brain power)

In the last twenty years I've reached millions by mixing music on-the-air, and even played music for 55 middle schoolers at a theater club cast party.  Whether your guest list is ten people or ten-thousand, together WE will dent the dance floor!


I am no stranger to the microphone, and I have always liked to talk.  My mom always said I just liked to hear myself speak.  Whether that is true or not, for 20 years my experience speaking into a professional mic includes but is not limited to:

  • broadcasting live on the radio, 

  • hosting trivia & original game shows

  • performing improv and stand-up comedy,

  • energizing a crowd of 8,000 people at the World Arena in Colorado Springs (it was the other way around too!),

  • interacting with wedding guests through fun games and activities,

  • voicing thousands of radio commercials

  • conducting live auctions at fundraisers


From the moment I scored an A+ on a University of Florida Radio and TV Production class mid-term by splicing/editing a reel to reel, I was hooked!  That was in 1996. Today, I write, voice, and fully produce commercials/promos for radio and digital media, on-hold messaging, narrations for documentaries, audiobooks, you name it.


Back in 2003, the Colorado Broadcaster's Association presented to me awards for my #1 voted commercial production and #1 voted nightly radio show.  Click on the photo above to hear my recent voiceover demos, children's audiobook, as well as the Reggae commercials previously aired on KIIS and KRRL in Los Angeles, California.

Interested in hiring me for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

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