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Emcee & DJ for

"Beauty is a Beast", June 25th, 2017 

CrossFit Games


Most challenging gig



Johnny Ginn


I am creative energy.

​I have been entertaining audiences for 22 years.  It started at WRUF- FM in 1997 at The University of Florida.  After 10 years in Radio, with the majority of that time in Colorado Springs at KILO-FM as an Arbitron rated #1 on-air personality and award-winning audio production guru, I decided to sell beer for Coors and Miller.  Selling beer to bars was profitable, whereas the radio business kept me broke.  Plus I hosted and planned promotions at bars every other weekend for Coors which really polished my event hosting/announcing skills.   In my spare time from 1999 to 2007, I had worked as a wedding DJ and Emcee for the country's best  and most innovative Wedding entertainer- Springs Sounds' Jeff Zaiger .   He is  the original interactive entertainer with a 5 star rating SINCE 2000!!  I GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE AND he taught me everything about taking a wedding reception to an EPIC level with crowd engagement and fun games.   It was then I realized that being CREATIVE and entertaining people is what makes me truly happy, and there is no better way to make a living while living your passionate dream.  And when you engage with people while in a good mood, and I mean really interact with them,  there is a TRANSFERENCE OF ENERGY that occurs, and it is awesome to witness.  That's what I'm about.


I have a positive attitude and my friendly manner that is usually well received.  Please come see for yourself as I host my free to play game The Original BANDINGO® in one of 10 locations on a weekly basis!


Employed by:

CJAM Enterprises, LLC

DBA Emcee Johnny G

Certificate of liability insurance available upon request

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